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YG Machinery's 2022 Team Building Happy Departure

Release Time:2023-04-14 16:57:08 Author:Yugong Machinery

ife is not only the work in front of you but also the quiet poetry and the distance. On August 13, 2022, accompanied by dynamic music and cheerful beats, the first party of YG Machinery 2022-themed team building, let’s start happily!


Thanks to the company for the thoughtful arrangement, the team building this time is organized by department, independently planning the activity route, rafting, mountain climbing, hot springs, parties, boating... Each went to the feast of the world to see the prosperity of the world!




Summer is here, let's go out to feel the gentleness of the wind, experience the romance of flowers, listen to cicadas and birds, watch butterflies flying, and then cooperate with the blue sky!



The small emotions that may be encountered in life can be exposed to the sun in this world, and it will be fine. We will regain our mood for tomorrow's work, and we will still be full of energy when we return.


Friends who choose to travel by car, eat, drink, and have fun more casually. The spring breeze is ten miles, so it is better to have you with food. Today’s weight loss business can be put on hold for a while. Sharing food, happiness comes first!



Riding the wind and waves at work, and bursting with passion during team building, the friends of Baoquan, chasing coolness, full of fun, and having fun in the mountains and rivers!


During the happy time, the friends enjoyed it, which increased the tacit understanding of the team, letting everyone understand each other, and work together to create a better tomorrow for YG Machinery!

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