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Sanitary Napkin Pad Packing Machine

Packing sample:Medium bag

Matched Equipment:sanitary napkin machine,folding machine,UV sterilizer

Degree of automation:Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machine

Machine Introduction

Sanitary pad packaging is the last step in the production of sanitary napkins, which needs to be completed using a sanitary pad packing machine. YG provides three types of sanitary napkin packing machines depending on the production capacity and degree of automation. In addition, YG tissue paper making machine manufacturer provides a one-stop service to customers. We also have small and fully automatic sanitary napkin making machines. If you are interested in our machines, please contact us.

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3 Kinds Of Sanitary Pad Packing Machine For Sale

YG provides three types of sanitary pads packaging machine according to the customer's packaging specifications, budget, and production volume. The following three types of sanitary napkin packaging machines are introduced for you.

Manual Bagging Machine

The manual bagging machine is suitable for the use of sanitary napkin machine manufacturers with small output. It needs to be bagged manually and then packed automatically. The speed of packaging mainly depends on the speed of manual bagging.
Machine nameManual bagging and packaging machine
Design packaging speed6-18 bags/min
Air supply voltage0.5MPA
Total Power1.2KW
Packaged product size rangeL 100-300*W100-200*H50-150MM(customized)
Machine size2500*1200*1200mm
Machine weight450KG
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Automatic Bagging And Packaging Machine

The automatic bagging and packaging machine is more automated than manual bagging. It only needs to manually place the sanitary napkins on the conveyor belt, and the subsequent processes are all automated.
Machine nameAutomatic bagging and packaging machine
Voltage 380V
Air supply voltage≥0.6MPa
Total power5.0KW
Packing speed13-16bags/min
Packing size 
Machine size2000*900*1400mm
Packaging bag requirementsMaterial: composite film OPP/PE film, antistatic
Style: M gusset four-sided bag
Size: bag inner diameter length = product length + product height + 6CM
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Automatic Sanitary Napkin Packaging Machine

The full automatic sanitary napkin packing machine is generally used in the automatic sanitary napkin production line. Its production speed is extremely high, and it can pack 75 pieces in one minute.
Machine nameFull Automatic sanitary napkin packing machine
Air source requirements0.5-0.8MPa
Total power15KW
Packing speed75bags/min
Machine size6500*1200*2200mm
Packing SpecificationsL 75-200*W60-200*H30-110MM(customized)
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Packaging Style And Application

YG sanitary napkin packaging machine is suitable for packaging straight sanitary napkins, quick and easy sanitary napkins, nursing pads, diapers, napkins, and other raw materials. Below are the products and packaging styles of the packaging it is suitable for.



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Sanitary Pad Packing Machine Features

1The sanitary pad packing machine is not only suitable for packing sanitary napkins, it is also suitable for packing nursing pads, napkins, and other products.
2Using man-machine interface operating system, automatic display of packaging speed, quantity, failure, and other performance parameters.
3Using one piece of equipment, product packaging of multiple specifications can be achieved by setting different parameters.
4The packaging machine undertakes the sanitary napkin making machine to realize automatic production, packaging, and high-efficiency output.

YG Sanitary Napkin Packing Machine Manufacturer

Henan Yugong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer engaged in various sanitary equipment. YG focuses on the production, research and development, and sales of various sanitary equipment such as toilet paper, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, and diapers. YG has a professional R&D team, pre-sale, and after-sale teams. We can provide customers with technical support, and guide product production knowledge, and sales channels. The company aims at mutual benefit and win-win and provides customers with sincere and high-quality products and services. Choose YG, choose your reliable sanitary napkin equipment manufacturer.


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