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Toilet Roll Making Machine Price

Raw materials:Cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp,ect.

Finished products:Cored & coreless toilet paper

Production process:Rewinding,cutting,packaging

Machine Introduction

An automated toilet roll making machine is required for commercial production of toilet rolls. All toilet roll machines are automatic, reducing manual operations, high degree of automation, and high production efficiency. A whole set of automatic toilet roll making machines can replace 5~6 manual workers. The produced toilet roll paper has neat cuts, no burrs, and neat packaging. Therefore, a toilet roll making machine is essential machinery for toilet paper manufacturing plants.

Toilet Roll Production Process

Put the toilet roll purchased from the paper mill into the rewinder and rewind first. After rewinding, large rolls of toilet base paper become small rolls of strip toilet paper. The strips of toilet paper after rewinding are cut by a paper cutter and become toilet paper of normal size. Then it can enter the market for sale after being packaged by a toilet paper packaging machine.


Toilet Tissue Production Solution

Raw materials: cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, and other natural pollution-free raw materials.
Finished product: cored toilet paper, coreless toilet paper
Output: 2T, 3T, 6T per 8 hours and more. Different matching equipment, different output
Equipment involved: rewinder, paper cutter, toilet paper packaging machine, etc.

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What Equipment Is Needed For One-Stop Production Of Toilet Paper?

YG toilet roll making machine manufacturer provides customers with a one-stop shopping experience. YG supplies all the equipment needed to produce toilet paper. From raw materials to finished paper rolls, the equipment that needs to be used includes a toilet paper rewinding machine, a toilet tissue cutter machine (log saw cutter, rotary cutter), and a toilet paper packing machine (single roll, one bag). For each piece of equipment, YG provides There are many different models to meet the needs of toilet paper manufacturers with different specifications.

  • paper-rewinding-machine.jpg

    Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine

  • toilet-paper-cutting-machine

    Paper Cutting Machine

  • toilet-paper-packaging-machine

    Toilet Roll Packing Machine

Toilet Paper Roll Production Plan

This is a roll paper production plan that YG helped one of our clients make recently. The client is a large toilet paper production factory, and their factory needs to replace the semi-automatic equipment with a fully automatic toilet tissue making machine to expand production output. YG designed the above roll paper production scheme diagram for the customer according to the plant size and required production output provided by the customer. If your factory is also looking for toilet roll production solutions, please leave us a message.

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Advantages Of YG Toilet Roll Making Machine

Toilet paper is a necessity in people's daily life. And it's a consumable, and people need to buy it again after a while. Therefore, for toilet paper production manufacturers, it is a steady stream of profit-generating items. Although many toilet paper manufacturers have different scales, they need related toilet roll making machines to produce and make profits. Following are the functional advantages of the toilet tissue making machine.

Meet Needs

YG provides a variety of toilet paper production configurations to meet the needs of toilet paper manufacturers with different specifications. There are semi-automatic and fully automatic production equipment.

High Productivity

According to different configurations, YG's toilet paper production line can produce 2T, 3T, 5T, 8T, and other outputs. The daily production output of a fully automated toilet roll machine is 5-6 times that of manual production.

Finished Product is in Good Shape

Compared with manual cutting, the cuts automatically cut by the machine are more neat and have no rough edges. The toilet paper produced by automated equipment is more in line with market requirements.


What Is The Toilet Roll Making Machine Price?

When it comes to toilet roll making machine prices, we generally consider the following factors. These factors are:

1.Degree of automation
2.Production output
3.Selection of supporting equipment
4.Voltage change
5.Transportation costs

If you want to know the specific toilet roll making machine cost, please contact us.

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Unique Features Of YG Toilet Roll Machine

1Flexible configuration: configure different production equipment according to the customer's budget and the size of the production plant to meet production needs.
2Complete production equipment: each step from raw materials, rewinding, cutting, packaging, etc. has corresponding equipment to complete the production.
3Various production line configurations: YG provides three different automatic production line configurations: automatic rewinding + manual cutting + manual sealing, automatic rewinding + automatic cutting + manual sealing, and automatic rewinding + automatic cutting + automatic packaging.
4High quality: YG pays attention to the quality of each toilet tissue making machine part, and the main part uses high-quality imported parts. It greatly improves the quality of the machine and prolongs the service life of the machine.
5Customized service: We not only provide customers with existing production solutions but also provide customized services. We can carry out customized production according to the production needs of customers to meet your production needs.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, if customers intend to purchase a YG toilet roll machine, they can also enjoy first-class services from YG's professional engineering, sales, and after-sales teams.

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