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Paper Napkin Making Machine

Speed:0-700 Sheets/minute


Optional items (need to order):

Machine Introduction

The paper napkin making machine is a device for making raw materials into a four-sided napkin machine. It mainly goes through embossing, folding, electronic counting, cutting and other processes. The napkin folding machine can also match printing, automatic paper feeding, fork pulling and other functions. It can automatically turn the cut paper trays into square or rectangular napkins through a series of steps. This machine is unique in design, easy to operate and neat in paper output. It is the best equipment for making napkins.

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Paper Napkin Folding machine Application

The automatic napkin folding machine can not only fold napkins, it can also fold paper towels, wet wipes, non-woven fabrics and dust-free paper products. It can equip with napkin packing machine.

Napkin Manufacturing Machine Parameters

Machine ModelYG-1200
Paper Size≤φ1200
The Original Core inner dia75mm Standard(Other size are available)
Embossing Roller end

Cots,wool roll

Counting SystemElectronic Counting
Speed0—700 Sheets/minute
Optional items (need to order)Automatic paper feeding, synchronous conveying, color printing, fork pulling function
Use of powerFrequency
Transmission System6 Chain

Optional Machine Functions

YG sanitary equipment manufacturer offers a variety of napkin making equipment. It has ordinary napkin folding machine, add single-color printing equipment, double-color printing equipment, and can add automatic paper loading and shifting fork functions.

  • ordinary-napkin-folding-machine

    Ordinary Napkin Folding Machine

  • ordinary-napkin-folding-machine

    Single-Color Printing Equipment

  • ordinary-napkin-folding-machine

    Double-Color Printing Equipmen

Extra Features

  • Automatic-Paper-Loading  Automatic Paper Loading

  • Shifting-Fork-Functions  Shifting Fork Functions

How About Paper Napkin Manufacturing Process?

The production of napkins uses roll paper as a raw material,it goes through embossing, folding, slitting and other processes. The whole process is: roll paper-embossing, folding, cutting-folded napkins-manual bagging-sealing machine sealing-finished napkins. The whole processing process is completed by one-time operation of the napkin folding machine, which has a high degree of automation and good processing quality. If you want to achieve other functions, YG Sanitary Equipment Manufacturer will customize the machine for you according to your needs.

Features of Paper Napkin Making Machine

1Easy to operate, can freely adjust various specifications such as napkin folding, cutting, counting, typesetting, etc.
2Automatic counting, divided into whole columns, convenient for packaging.
3Automatic paper loading function, single-color printing function, double-color printing function, etc. can be added according to requirements.
4The embossing roller adopts a heating and temperature adjustment device to make the embossing effect clear and qualitative.
5It can be folded according to different configurations such as one-fourth, one-sixth, one-eighth and other specifications.
6The cutting knife is made of high-hardness aluminum alloy material, with precise cutting and stable operation.
7Intelligent stacking system can effectively improve production efficiency.

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