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Facial Tissue Making Machine

Folding machine options:7 rows, 10 rows

Finished product style:Flexible packaging and boxed

Labor requirements:Three to four people

Machine Introduction

The facial tissue machine (facial tissue production line) fully automatically produces soft-drawing box-packed facial tissue paper. The current facial tissue production line mainly uses 7-row and 10-row folding machines with large rotary paper cutters and packaging machines. All facial tissue machines have been installed and debugged before they go on-site, and YG provides a turnkey facial tissue converting line project. The production of facial tissue paper folding machines is very efficient and needs three to four manual operations can arrange the production.

Facial Tissue Production Line Overview

Production equipment: facial tissue folding machinery, large rotary paper cutter, facial tissue packaging machinery.
Finished product packaging style: flexible packaging, boxed packing.
Facial tissue folding machine selection: The machines suitable for the automatic facial tissue production line are 7-row and 10-row folding machines.
Function: This production line can realize automatic folding, cutting, packaging, and other functions.
Labor requirements: 7-row production line requires three workers, and a 10-row production line requires four workers.


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3 Types of Facial Tissue Production Plans

Three production schemes: bulk facial tissue production line, flexible packaging facial tissue production line, boxed facial tissue production line

1The bulk production line is mainly composed of facial tissue folding machine + a large rotary paper cutter, which is used to produce bulk facial tissue.


2The flexible production line includes facial tissue making machine, a large rotary paper cutter, flexible packaging machinery, and other equipment. This production line also has a medium bag and big bag packing machine options.


3The basic configuration of the boxed facial tissue production line is a folder + a large rotary paper cutter + cartooning machine. In addition, we provide a large box packing machine and a sealing machine option.


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Specific Facial Tissue Machine Introduction

In the process of producing facial tissue, the machines we often use include facial tissue paper machines, rotary paper cutters, and three-dimensional packaging machines. YG facial tissue making machine manufacturer will introduce the above three machines to you.

1The facial tissue folding machine is a machine that folds paper coils. Depending on the model, the facial tissue folding machine has 2~10 rows of facial tissue machines. Small factories can use 2-row and 3-row models for production. 7-row and 10-row machines are usually used in automatic production.
2The large rotary paper cutter is an important equipment in the post-processing equipment of household paper. There are single-channel and double-channel models, which cut long paper strips into specific lengths of facial tissues.
3The three-dimensional packaging equipment is a device for bagging and sealing facial tissue. It packs facial tissues into small bags. If you want to pack them into medium or large bags, you can also choose a medium or large bag packaging machine for packaging.
  • facial-tissue-folding-machine.jpg

    Facial Tissue Folding Machine

  • rotary-tissue-cutter.jpg

    Rotary Tissue Cutter

  • full-automatic-packing-machine.jpg

    Automatic Tissue Packing Machine

How Much To Invest In Facial Tissue Production?

Facial tissue and other household paper are indispensable daily necessities in life, and the market potential is huge. Many tissue paper manufacturers want to buy a facial tissue machine for facial tissue production and would like to know how much it costs to invest in facial tissue production. The cost of facial tissue production machines is mainly related to the required machines and equipment models. From the above information, we know that facial tissue folding machines, paper cutters, packaging machines, and other equipment are probably needed. The price for one device is different from the price for three devices. And each facial tissue machine has a variety of specifications with different outputs. Therefore, it is difficult to say a specific price for facial tissue production equipment. If you want to know the price of the facial tissue production line, please contact us.

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Facial Tissue Machine Advantages

  1. The production line can produce various specifications of pumped facial tissues, with high production output, less waste, and convenient operation.

  2. A variety of packaging equipment options to meet the production needs of different customers.

  3. All facial tissue machines are operated with an intelligent control panel, and all parameters can be modified on the panel.

  4. Different specifications of facial tissue folding machines can be selected to meet different production output requirements.

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