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Toilet Paper Packaging Machine

Packaging style:Single roll, multi-roll packaging

Degree of automation:Semi-automatic, fully automatic

Packaging material:PET or PE film

Machine Introduction

The toilet paper packaging machine is the last step in toilet paper production and is used for packaging toilet rolls. It is suitable for the packaging of cored toilet rolls and coreless toilet rolls. YG offers a variety of toilet paper packing machines for the production of single rolls, medium packs, and large packs of toilet paper. The sealing effect of the finished product packaged by the automatic toilet paper wrapping machine is beautiful, and the packing speed is fast.

Toilet Paper Packaging Solution

Toilet paper packaging generally has single packs, medium packs, and large packs. The medium package is usually a mention, which contains ten volumes, twelve volumes, fifteen volumes, etc. Large packs generally contain 24 rolls, 32 rolls, 36 rolls, etc.

  • single-roll-toilet-paper.jpg

    Single Roll Toilet Paper

  • medium-package-toilet-paper.jpg

    Medium Package Toilet Paper

  • large-pack-toilet-paper.jpg

    Large Pack Toilet Paper

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Toilet Paper Packaging Machine Introduction

According to the above toilet paper packaging plan, YG developed and produced the following three toilet paper packing machines with different degrees of automation. They are manual sealing machines, semi-automatic packaging machines, and automatic toilet paper wrapping machines.

Manual Sealing Machine

A manual sealer is the least automated toilet paper sealing machine. It requires people to manually pack the cut toilet rolls into plastic bags and then put them on the sealing machine for sealing. It can pack single and multiple rolls of toilet paper.
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Semi Automatic Toilet Paper Wrapping Machine

A semi-automatic toilet paper wrapping machine is a semi-automatic toilet paper wrapping equipment. It automatically delivers the toilet paper but requires a human to hold the toilet paper bag. This packaging machine is usually used to pack multiple rows of toilet paper.
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Packing speed about 20 packs/minute
Packing specifications length: 90-210mm; width: 90-100mm; height: 40-100mm
Total power 3.41KW
Motor power 0.61KW
Air source pressure 0.5MPa
Machine net weight 400kg
Dimensions 4000×2500×1200 (mm) (height adjustable)
Power type 380V
Material of heat sealing bag CPP

Automatic Toilet Paper Packaging Machine

The automatic toilet paper packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of relatively regular materials such as roll paper. All packaging processes of this machine from raw materials to finished products are automated. It consists of an automatic feeding part, a packaging main part, a side ironing part, and a control part.
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rated speed 110bages/min
design speed 120bages/min
Packing Specifications Length 100-140mm, diameter φ60-φ140mm
Total power 4.24kW
Machine noise ≤70dB
Machine net weight 1500kg
Overall size 6730×1310×1480 (mm)
Voltage 380v、50Hz
Packing material BOPP、PE/OPP 、CPP、PP, etc.

Toilet Paper Packaging Material

The packaging materials currently on the market for packaging toilet rolls are all plastic packaging. Usually PET or PE film. This is mainly due to two considerations, one is cost, and the other is protection. Toilet roll is a daily fast-moving consumer product, and the cost of using plastic packaging is relatively low. The plastic bag can protect the toilet paper from the air. Toilet paper has a strong adsorption capacity and can avoid contact with bacteria or dust in the air.

How To Choose Suitable Toilet Paper Packaging Machine?

For the above toilet paper packaging machines, how should we choose the right one? If you run a small toilet roll manufacturing plant, then I recommend you start with a manual sealer. A slightly larger scale can choose semi-automatic equipment. If your factory is relatively large and has a sufficient budget, then you can choose fully automatic toilet roll packaging equipment.

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Toilet Paper Packaging Equipment Price

Since YG provides the above types of toilet paper packaging machines, the price of the machines is not fixed. And each type of toilet paper packing machine also has many different models. If you want to know the price of the toilet paper packaging machine, please leave us a message.

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