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Paper Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

Application:Cutting paper,plastic film,pipe,wire,ect.

Cutting length:0.1mm-99999.9mm (adjustable)

Feeding speed:adjustable

Machine Introduction

The roll to sheet cutting machine adopts an intelligent numerical control operating system to cut the rolled materials. It is widely used for cutting various materials such as paper, plastic film, pipes, wires, etc. The cutting length, quantity, and feeding speed of the machine can be set freely. It is also equipped with a vertical knife to achieve simultaneous vertical and horizontal cutting, multiple pieces can be produced at a time, and the size of the cut product can be set arbitrarily.

  • automatic-paper-sheet-cutting-machine.jpg

    Automatic Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

  • A3-A4-size-guillotine-cutter.jpg

    A3 A4 Size Guillotine Cutter

  • paper-roll-cutting-machine.jpg

    Paper Roll Cutting Machine

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Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine Parameters

Automatic roll to sheet cutting machineModel:YG-1000s
Power: 220v 50/60HZCutting speed:80meters/min
Cutting width:0.1-1000MMCutting length:0.1mm-99999.9mm
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Paper Sheet Cutting Machine Application

The automatic roll to sheet cutting machine is suitable for many industries such as the electronics industry, packaging industry, printing, clothing leather, bags, toys, etc.
Pipes: PVC pipes, PE pipes, PU pipes, rubber pipes.
Wire: copper wire, iron wire, aluminum wire, data wire.
Plastic film: double-sided adhesive tape, PVC film, heat shrinkable film, PET film, OPP film, air bubble film.
Paper: A3, A4, A5 paper, kraft paper, printing machine, textured paper.


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Paper Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine Function

The paper roll to sheet cutting machine has various functions, including the following functions:
1. Equipped with emergency stop protection function
2. Speed can be adjusted: 0-150
3. The length can be adjusted: 0.1mm-9999.9mm
4. Cutter delay
5. Cutting knife interval
6. Batch pause
7. Length of compensation

  • intelligent-control-system.jpg

    Intelligent Control System

  • high-speed-steel-cutting-knife.jpg

    High Speed Steel Cutting Knife

  • feeding-glue-roll.jpg

    Feeding Glue Roll

  • extra-functions.jpg

    Extra Functions

Paper Sheet Cutting Machine Features

1Support customization. YG can customize machines of various sizes according to customer requirements, and can also add various functional components such as heat sealing, laminating, and slitting knives.
2Safe and reliable. The whole copper core is used to click, the motor has strong power, long life, and it is safe and reliable to use.
3Sharp blades. The blade adopts SKD11 high-speed steel, which has sharp cutting and long service life.
4Easy To Use. Using intelligent numerical control, the operation is convenient and the work efficiency is greatly improved.
5High-quality feeding rubber wheels. High-quality feeding rubber wheels are used to effectively prevent material from slipping.
6Tension straightening device. This device ensures that the materials are on the same straight line, making the cutting neat.
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FAQ Of Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

How long does the machine cut?
Any length within 1-100mm can be cut out, and the cut length can be set freely.
How much electricity does the device use, and can it be used at home?
The roll to sheet cutting machine is powered by 220V, two-phase power, and the equipment can be used at home.
How often should you sharpen your knife?
The knives of this equipment are high-speed steel thick knives, which need to be sharpened once every two years for cutting paper and film materials.
How to assemble and use the machine?
The paper sheet cutting machine has been installed and debugged before leaving the factory. After you receive the machine, you can directly connect it to the power supply and use it.
How accurate is the cutting with this device?
The cutting accuracy is related to the cutting material, cutting speed, and length, and the accuracy error can be reduced by setting the length compensation.

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