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1-80 PCS/Min Sanitary Pad Making Machine Sold to Europe

Release Time:2023-05-04 17:47:11 Author:Yugong Machinery

In early May, Lina Zhu signed a contract for a sanitary pad making machine with customers from Moldova, Europe. The customer ordered 1-80pcs/min semi-automatic sanitary napkin production equipment. The equipment can produce sanitary pads quickly, requiring only one or two people to operate the machine. This type of sanitary pads machine can also be used in conjunction with sanitary napkin folding machines, packaging machines, and other equipment to achieve fast and hygienic production. This model is suitable for medium-sized sanitary pad making factories.


Europe Sanitary Pad Machine Order Details

The Moldovan customer operates a medium-sized hygiene product manufacturing plant. He already had a sanitary pad making machine to produce it before. In order to expand production output and improve production efficiency, he needs a more efficient sanitary napkin making machine. In order to meet his production needs, Lina recommended a 1-80pcs/min sanitary napkin making machine for him. After receiving the quotation sheet, machine pictures, and production video provided by YG, he is very satisfied. Soon, the Europe customer ordered a sanitary pad making machine from YG.


Supply Various Models Of Sanitary Napkin Machines

As a tissue paper machine manufacturer, YG provides various types of sanitary napkin machines to meet the needs of customers with different specifications. YG offers small, semi-automatic, and fully automatic sanitary napkin machines. For initial investment and a small sanitary napkin manufacturing factory, you can choose small sanitary pad equipment. If you have sufficient funds, we recommend you buy a semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine. In addition, you can also purchase folding machines, sanitary napkin packaging machines, and other equipment. YG recommends large-scale sanitary napkin manufacturing factories to purchase fully automatic sanitary napkin machines, with high production efficiency, fully automated production, and hygienic efficiency.

  • SmallSanitaryPadMachine.jpg

    Small Sanitary Pad Machine

  • SemiAutomaticSanitaryPadsMakingMachine.jpg

    Semi Automatic Sanitary Pads Making Machine

  • FullAutomaticSanitaryPadMachine.jpg

    Full Automatic Sanitary Pad Machine

Why Choose YG Sanitary Pad Machine Manufacturer?


YG is a manufacturer specializing in hygiene products machinery. After more than 20 years of development, it has formed a hygienic product production equipment with the four major products of wet wipe machine, tissue paper machine, sanitary napkin machine, and diaper machine as the core.

Competitive Price

YG specializes in the production, research, development, and sales of sanitary products and equipment, and its products are relatively concentrated. Moreover, YG is a machinery manufacturer, selling machines directly to end customers, supplying them at factory prices, and the prices are competitive.

One-stop service

YG offers a variety of hygiene product manufacturing machinery. For sanitary napkin-making machinery, YG provides all equipment from raw materials to finished product processing. Customers can purchase a complete set of sanitary napkin production equipment from YG, which is very convenient.

Related Sanitary Napkin Equipment Recommendation

In order to meet customers one-stop purchasing needs, YG provides a complete set of sanitary napkin processing equipment. YG Tissue Paper Machine Manufacturer provides sanitary napkin-making machines, sanitary napkin-folding machines, sterilizers, packaging machines, and other equipment. In addition, YG also provides equipment such as wet wipe machines, tissue paper machines, and diaper machines. If you are interested in our equipment, please leave us a message.

  • Sanitary-Napkin-Folding-Machine.jpg

    Sanitary Napkin Folding Machine

  • SanitaryPadNapkinSterilizer.jpg

    Sanitary Pad Napkin Sterilizer

  • Sanitary-Pad-Packing-Machine.jpg

    Sanitary Pad Packing Machine

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